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Buellesfeld Financial Services, Inc. offers advice on ETF's, Individual Stocks, Mutual Funds, and
Federal and State Income Tax Return Preparation
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J. P. Buellesfeld, a Registered Investment Advisor, located at 221 W. Harvey, Suite 108, Wellington, Kansas, 67152. Offers advice on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and income tax preparation.
Registered Investment Advisor

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221 W. Harvey, Suite 108,
Wellington, KS 67152

PH: (620) 326-7551
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J. P.'s Professional and Civic Information:

J. P. Buellesfeld has been a Registered Investment advisor with the Kansas Office of Securities Commissioner, since 1990.

J. P. Buellesfeld has been an IRS Registered Income Tax Return Preparer with the IRS, since 2012.

J.P. Buellesfeld, President of Buellesfeld Financial Services, Inc. is involved in the daily management of his client's investment assets, including annuities, ETF's, and Individual Stocks and Mutual Funds. He is also involved daily in consulting with his clients on their investments and tax issues, and the preparation of his client's Federal and State Income Tax Returns, including corporate, fiduciary, partnership, and personal income tax returns.

For nineteen years, from 1988 to 2007, J. P. Buellesfeld served as adjunct teacher for Cowley Community College in Wellington, Kansas, where he taught Economics, Personal Finance, U.S. History, U.S. National Government, and State and Local Government.

Community Service:

   1988 - Present - Knights of Columbus member and member of St. Anthony's and St. Rose Roman Catholic Church Chapters.
   1992 - Present - Member of the Wellington, Kansas Chamber of Commerce.
   1992 - 1995   -    Member of the City of Wellington, Kansas Memorial Auditorium Board.
   1995 - 2003 -  Member of the Wellington, Kansas Public Library Board (past Vice-President).
   2006 - Present - Volunteers to speak on the U.S. American Revolutionary War, U.S. Civil War and World War II.

   2007 - Present - City of Wellington, Kansas Public Building Commission Member (Current Officer/Treasurer).
   2007  -  Sumner County, Kansas Destination Casino Proposals/Comparison Committee Member
   2007 - Present - Member of the Sumner County Historical & Genealogical Society.
  2009 - 2010 - City of Wellington, Kansas Governing Body Restructure Committee (Member - Officer/Chairman)
  2010 - 2011 - City of Wellington, Kansas Boards and Commissions Reform Committee (Member + Officer/Chairman)
  January 12, 2012 - December 29, 2014 - City of Wellington, Kansas Housing Authority Commission Member

   August 2013 to December 29, 2014 - Chairman of City of Wellington, Kansas Housing Authority Commmission

Personal and Educational Information:

J. P. Buellesfeld is the oldest son of Alice G. Buellesfeld and the late Elmer J. Buellesfeld, and the grandson of the late Mary (Maher) Buellesfeld. J. P. Buellesfeld's heritage is 25% Irish, 25% German, 50% Filipino.

Buellesfeld grew up on a farm near South Haven, Kansas where his family raised wheat and sheep, and he grew up helping his parents work the fields, tend to the livestock, and do chores. He credits growing up on a farm with its long, laborious hours, for providing him with the tools and strong work ethic to work long hours during Income Tax season preparing his client's Federal and State Income Tax returns - corporate, Fiduciary, Partnership and Personal.

While attending high school in Wellington, Kansas, Buellesfeld took college classes from Cowley County Community College in Arkansas City, Kansas, and took tests that allowed him to quiz out of many Freshman and Sophomore college classes.

In 1983, when he graduated from Wellington High School at age 18, he had already completed his Freshman and Sophomore college classes.

In 1984, at age 19, Buellesfeld graduated from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He completed his traditional Junior/Senior college years in just one year.

In 1985, at age 20, Buellesfeld graduated from Webster's University, St. Louis, Missouri with a Master's Degree in Business Administration.

Buellesfeld is listed in the 1986 Edition of the World Book Encyclopedia for completing six years of undergraduate and graduate college education in only two years and graduating by the age of 20.

College/Alumni Organizations:

   1984 - Present - Alpha Delta Alumni Organization.
   1984 - Present - Washburn University of Topeka, Kansas Alumni Organization.
   1985 - Present - Webster's University Alumni Organization
   1991 - Present - Notre Dame Club of Wichita, Kansas
   1998 - Present - University of Notre Dame Sorin Society (Founder's Circle Level).

   2008 - Present - University of Notre Dame Badin Guild; honored bestowed by Notre Dame September 2008.
   2011 - Present - University of Notre Dame Rockne Fund (Director's Level)
   2011 - Present - University of Notre Dame Alliance for Catholic Education

Wall of Recognition - Wellington, KS High School:

May 10, 2012 - J. P. Buellesfeld was recognized for his academic achievements and inducted with the "Inaugural Class" of "Wall of Recognition" Wellington, KS High School honorees.

Personal Information:

J.P. Buellesfeld has one brother, Coley B. Buellesfeld, who graduated from Wellington High School, Wellington, Kansas in 1985 as the High School Valedictorian.

Coley Buellesfeld went on to graduate from Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1989, and become a successful San Francisco, California businessman.

Buellesfeld has one niece, Lena Buellesfeld.

He is a member of St. Anthony's and St. Rose's Roman Catholic Church's in Wellington, Kansas.

He enjoys traveling, both in the United States and abroad, and has visited all 50 U. S. states and twenty-two nations throughout the world. He specifically enjoys touring U. S. American Revolutionary War and U. S. Civil War Battle sites in the United States, and World War II battle sites throughout the world, and often gives lectures on the battle sites to civic groups, historical societies, schools, and universities.

Buellesfeld has studied local, state, and national politics and government in great detail his entire life (U. S. National Government) and (State and Local Government - State, City, County, and School) for many years. Buellesfeld has been definend as a "political expert" by the media.

Buellesfeld is a huge fan of Notre Dame football, basketball and of all of the Notre Dame athletic teams, both women's and men's and travels often to watch Notre Dame football in the fall in South Bend/Mishwaka, Indiana. 

He is a member of the University of Notre Dame Sorin Society, at GOLD LEVEL, is a member of the University of Notre Dame Rockne Fund, at GOLD LEVEL, and is a member of the University of Notre Dame Badin Guild and is a September 2008 University of Notre Dame Badin Guild Recipient.

Buellesfeld likes to say that he is a "a regular case study at the Harvard School of medicine as the only human being that bleeds Notre Dame Blue, Gold, and Green instead of Red."

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